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Free Spirit_Soul Light Portrait
Free Spirit_Soul Light Portrait

November 2017 Special: $44 for half hour channeling session ($80  for one hour)

Blue Ray Paintings offers Personalised Soul portraits with channeled Divine Guidance for awakening, healing and remembering

A personalised Blue Ray Painting is your very own energy-activated awakening and ascension tool. These channeled paintings with Divine Guidance channeled messages can help you re-connect with your True Heart’s soul expression and gifts. Francine, is an ‘Intuitive Flow’ artist, channel and Master energy healer and teacher (Ashati, Reiki, Seichim, Golden Dragon, Ascension, Alsemia and Soul Rescue) who offers personalised channeled paintings for anyone on the journey of awakening and remembering and healing. Each energy infused painting comes with a personal channeled message of Highest Guidance.

How does it work? Through an initial channeling session, Francine will bring forth your Highest Guidance through spoken messages and imagery. These messages will come from your guides, Higher Self, teachers, angels, soul family or galactic family. This message is used as the starting point for the artwork. During the creative process, Francine remains open for channeled guidance, images, colours and spirit animals which she will incorporate into the artwork.  Read more about the Blue Ray Paintings process  HERE or Click HERE to choose your Soul Light portrait style

If you are interested in purchasing prints of Francine’s original art, please browse the Divine Feminine Gallery or Angelic Presence Gallery in the Prints page

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Francine Commeignes: Artist of personalised Channeled Blue Ray Paintings
Francine Commeignes: Artist, channel, healer at Blue Ray Paintings